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We aim to remove the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) within your crypto-currency education and adventure. We are not nor will we ever be a replacement for your financial adviser or tax professional all topics discussed are that of MadDigiTs and MadDigitsCrypto opinion and should be researched yourself! If you choose to make an investment decision that is your choice and your choice alone! We are here to help educate you and inform you and provide a space to interact with like-minded crypto guru's.

Bitcoin 101

Want to know more about Bitcoin and what crypto-currencty is?

Why Crypto-Currency?

Bitcoin matured and went full main stream adoption within the country of Japan in the Summer of 2017. Japan set an aggressive goal of adding Bitcoin and other crypto-currency as form of payment and storage to over 2,600 locations by the end of 2018. Crypto-currency has maintained as a strong storage of value around the world and has now entered the main stream.


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